Why My Resume Lift’s Resume Maker must be your first choice?

The field of resume writing, on the surface, might seem simple enough. Just write what you’ve done professionally for the past 3 or so years on a piece of paper and you’re done, right? Well, Not quite.

The truth is that resume writing in this day and age is more important than ever before, that is, if you’re serious about your career.  It’s not as simple as just putting pen to paper. There are multiple factors to consider before even beginning such as tone, resume formats, Applicant Tracking Systems, targeted resumes (ATS), resume templates, etc. This is why in this article, we will be going over exactly why the My Resume Lift Online Resume Maker should be your first choice when making your resume.

We will go over what resume makers should be on the lookout for when making their resumes and exactly how My Resume Lift’s Online Resume Maker helps them navigate the entire process.

Without further adieu, here are the reasons why you should use the  My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker for your resume-making needs.

Resume Formats

There are 3 accepted resume formats that all resume makers should be aware of :


The most well-known resume format focuses on an applicant’s work history and professional experience above everything else. Use this resume format if you have at least 2+ years of experience in a professional field.

Functional Format

This resume format is mainly used by recent college graduates and people looking to change their career paths. In this resume format, an applicant focuses on their skills and academia to make up for their lack of work history.

Hybrid or Combinations Resume Format

This resume format uses an applicant’s strengths from one part of the resume to make up for their weaknesses in others. This format is quite tricky to master and should be used by those with a knack for creative writing.


The My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker makes it easy for users to make resumes in any of the given formats with ease. We here at My Resume Lift understand that our users come from different backgrounds and with different goals. We have designed our Resume Maker to make sure they get what they want and to ensure 100% user satisfaction.




My Resume Lift – Resume Maker

Make Beautiful Resumes with ease using the My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker

resume template
resume template
resume template
resume template

Resume Layout and Fonts

One of the key elements of resume writing is how it is presented, which brings us to Resume layouts and fonts. The layout of the resume determines where everything goes i.e it dictates the sections you want to add like “Work History” “Education” and “Skills”. The presentation of your resume is important for you to stand apart from the crowd and thus make your resume more visible.

Font sizing and style are incredibly important when making a resume. Applicants should keep their font of choice in line with the standards of the industry they want to work in. They should also keep in mind the sizing they use for the headings and content and keep them uniform throughout the resume.

The My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker provides our users with the freedom to choose the layout of their liking and also provides them with numerous fonts that they can use as they see befitting.



Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

More and more HR Offices in medium to large size firms are incorporating ATS programs to help them with hiring and employee tracking. Applicant Tracking Systems are simple sifting programs that eliminate ineligible resumes for a job from the eligible ones. They do this by looking for keywords, which are the Skills and Work History etc, required for the job.

Applicant Tracking Systems may seem like a great idea but they aren’t without their flaws. As mentioned before ATS go through resumes picking up on keywords but they don’t read as humans do. Therefore without proper formatting, usage of fancy fonts and/or overly decorative resume templates might end up confusing them and they might not be able to recognize what’s written.

The My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker resumes are completely ATS Optimized and no matter how you make your resume we assure you, that the ATS programs won’t be giving you any trouble any time soon.

Targeted Resume

Much like the jobs they are used for, not all resumes are the same and any expert resume writer or career counselor, worth their money, will tell you that for optimal results job seekers must cater their resumes to the job that they plan on applying for. In other words, the content of your resume should only contain information related to the desired job and nothing more.

It is a common misconception that resume writing is a “one and done” process. It may seem a bit daunting to create multiple targeted resumes from scratch, every time you want to apply for a job, all the while keeping everything in check.

This is why the My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker is a great tool. Using the My Resume Lift – Resume Builder, you can create multiple targeted resumes in a few minutes with minimal effort.

Time Saver

The world of today is fast-paced and if projections can be believed, it’s only going to get faster. That means for you to avail any opportunity, you have to be able to quick on the draw. This simply means if you see a job opening, the faster you apply the better your chances of getting hired. Since targeted resumes are the given standard for any industry for desired results, as soon, as a job opportunity presents itself you need to have a relevant resume at the ready.

This is why the My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker is an invaluable tool for those who plan on keeping up with the world. With the My Resume Lift –Resume Builder you can have a professionally targeted resume ready in no time and thus increasing your chances of landing your dream job.

Pre-written Content

Ask anyone, from newbies to veteran resume makers, “What’s the hardest part about writing a resume?” and you’ll get the same answer. “It’s writing the darn thing”.

No doubt, coming up with content for a resume can be quite a tricky task. What to add and what to take out, what tone to use, and what terms to use and avoid.

My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker makes this entire process easy for users as it provided them with industry and job-specific pre-written content that you can use to create a completely optimized resume in minutes. So, no more writer’s block and stress. Let us do the work for you.

Resume Templates

Resume Templates are skeleton resumes that determine the visuals of your resume. This means they are essentially resumes that have all the designing and formatting done for you and all you have to do is add content.

You can find resume templates online or create a resume template from scratch. However, the problem with this is that you can never know for sure if the resume template that you made or downloaded is ATS approved or is correctly formatted.

With My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker, you don’t have to guess anymore. The My Resume Lift Resume Templates are properly formatted, recruiter approved and ATS optimized. So, when choosing from our Resume Templates you can have peace of mind about the details and all you have to decide is what you want your resume to look like.

My Resume Lift offers our users a choice of Traditional, Dynamic, and Creative Resume Templates that are fitting for all industries. Pick one that suits you and your job best and let us worry about the small stuff.


My Resume Lift – Resume Templates

Check out all professionally designed Resume Templates by My Resume Lift

resume template
resume template
resume template
resume template


Boredom. The one word that is synonymous with resume writing. Let’s face it if you’re making multiple resumes with more or less the same screen in front of you, day in and day out, while looking for a job, the entire process can become very boring. Then if you try and add some flair to your resume, you have to worry about technicalities like formatting, ATS, design, etc.

Well, My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker gets rid of this problem altogether. With My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker you choose the finer details about what your resume looks like. From Resume Template Designs to font sizing, My Resume Lift gives you the freedom to customize your resume the way you see fit. Like the look of the resume template but not the theme? Change it from the format options. Want to adjust the position of the resume sections? Use the drag and drop functionality to fit it where ever you want. The best part is that no matter what you do, your resume will be technically sound.

Cover Letters

The job market competition is tough and one of the easiest ways to get a leg up on others is to build a matching Cover Letter to go with your Resume.

Cover Letters are professional letters that go on top of your resume detailing the most remarkable of your abilities, all the while conversing with an Employer or HR Manger on a more personal yet professional level, explaining to them why you deserve the job you’re applying for and how you add value to their enterprise.

My Resume Lift offers its users a Cover Letter Builder to go with the Online Resume Maker which they can use to make professional and matching Cover Letters with no effort. The My Resume Lift Cover Letter Builder uses a smart algorithm to determine the tone and style of your Cover Letter based on your Work History and Skills. You can make multiple matching Cover Letters to go with your resume using the My Resume Lift Cover Letter Builder in no time and is part of all our subscription packages at no extra cost.


The last reason why the My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker should be your first choice for all your resume-making needs is simply that you can not argue with the results. With many satisfied and active users and positive reviews, My Resume Lift’s results speak for themselves. So, don’t wait and try out the My Resume Lift – Online Resume Maker, today.