The hardest part about Cover Letter writing is figuring out what to put in the thing. All jobs and applicants are different. Coming from all sorts of backgrounds and with specific strengths and weaknesses. Cover Letter Examples are a very useful tool, which can be used to determine what goes in and what you can leave out.

Not all Cover Letters are the same and examples can help our users out when building their Cover Letters.

Basic Cover Letter 

Even though the specifics of a Cover Letters differ from job to job the basic format remains the same. There are 6 important elements that all applicants should be aware of when writing a Cover Letter.

1. Contact information 

“Make sure your Contact Information is at the top of the Cover Letter. This is so that when the employers want to reach you they know which channels of communication to use.”

2. Employer’s Contact information

“This helps you address the Hiring Manager directly. “

3. Salutations 

The greeting should create a sense of formal familiarity between the Hiring Manager and the Applicant. DO NOT USE “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN”.

4. Opening 

“The beginning of the Cover letter that should show applicants desire for the job all the while highlighting the most impressive of relative achievements.”

5. Body 

“The paragraph that showcases your career this far and elaborates on how you plan on approaching the job and how you will add to the value of the company.”

6. Closer 

The ending of the Cover Letter that should consist of, a cordial goodbye, a notice of following up, show of excitement for the interview and a familiar sign off “Regards” or “Sincerely Yours”.