Take advantage of this opportunity to address the HR Manager directly, establish a relationship and show off your most noteworthy achievements before they even get to your resume.

Here are the basic things you want to touch on when writing your perfect Resume Cover Letter

Choose a Cover Letter Template that fits You

When picking out a Cover Letter template, don’t be timid in your choice. Choose a Cover Letter Template that matches your Resume and Personality. Be bold and choose any design from the most basic to the most elaborate. MyResumeLift Cover Letter Templates are all ATS friendly, so there is no wrong choice.

Choose a Cover Letter Template According to Industry

Before choosing your Cover Letter Template, it is a good idea to know to think about what sort of job you’re applying for. For more traditional job opportunities, we recommend using one of our simple templates. For job opportunities that require someone dynamic and modern, choose a Cover Letter Template you think reflects that.

You can always go over Professional Cover Letter Examples to see what the HR Managers are expecting and what your Cover Letter should look like.

Show Enthusiasm and Interest

Don’t be shy to show your interest in the company and the position you’re applying for. Address the HR Managers personally and personably. Show them why you stand out amongst the crowd and are the better fit for the position. Mention your most worthy achievements along with your capabilities. Also, Choose a Cover Letter Template that will catch their eye.

Be brief and exact in explaining why you are the best person for the job

Focus on the tasks and duties mentioned in the job description of the job listing. Expand on exactly how you plan on taking on the day to day work as well as how you would face any specific problems. If you’ve noticed an area that the company can improve upon, expand on that as well. Use your Cover Letter Template to create your value.

Incentivize HR Managers to read more. Pique their interest and better your chances

The longer the Hiring manager holds your Cover Letter the better your chances of being hired become. We recommend that our Users only mention the most relative information in their Cover Letters Templates. Elaborate only on the most impressive elements of your career. End your Cover Letter with a cordial goodbye all the while showing interest in the opportunity for an interview. Review our Cover Letter Examples and templates for a better idea of how to do this.


Here is how to create a Cover letter in just four simple steps.



A Cover Letter is a part of your overall Resume yet it is not the same as your Resume.

While a resume is a document that elaborates on every aspect of your career. A cover letter overviews the most relevant work you’ve done with the desired job in mind. Use your Cover letter templates to achieve exactly that.

Establish a personal connection with the employer and ask relevant questions or present answers to problems in the company and how you plan on solving them.

Show off your ability to do the job as well as demonstrate your value to the company.

Create a Cover Letter that caters to the job description

A Cover letter template is an excellent tool to create targeted Cover Letters quickly and with very little effort. The same Cover Letter should not be used for all potential job opportunities. Instead, make a new Cover letter for each and every job catering to the job requirements.